Mortician Salary, Job Description and Education information make career decision in this line easy to make with details of the training, salary and Job description. The job of the Mortician is not for the faint-heart, and it is not for those without the right skills. Who is a Mortician? A Mortician is a person who deals with the embalming of the dead, his burial or even cremation.

Mortician Job Description

When morticians gains possession of a body, they begin the ceremonial rites. They first disinfect the body with a germicide. They then drain all the blood from the blood vessels of the deceased. Morticians then fill the blood vessels with embalming fluid and dyes to keep the condition of the body, delay any decay or infection and to help the body to look healthy for a funeral service or viewing. Morticians also position the body in the casket to help it look more presentable.
If families choose to cremate the deceased, morticians will select the cremation date, order an urn and arrange for the ashes to be sent to the family. In some circumstances, a mortician can act as a grief counselor when families get too overwhelmed with sorrow when making the final arrangements. Morticians have the ability to give comfort to those who are in dire need. They are there to support and assist them in any way possible.
Sometimes morticians will also act as funeral directors. When they do so, they help the families of the deceased arrange the funeral, oversee the funeral logistics and complete any paperwork that might be necessary. They may also be in charge of writing obituaries and arranging them for the local newspaper. After a service, morticians collect the plants, flowers, cards, and gifts that are delivered to the funeral home and give them to the family of the deceased.

This profession may require you working at odd hours, and even 24 hours. To practice you can do that in any of the following places.
Mortician Salary, Job Description and Education

  • Become certified as an embalmer, mortuary cosmetologist, or both
  • Consider working for a government agency rather than a mortuary
  • If you’re willing to relocate, look for positions near major cities

Mortician Education and Training

Most Mortician can who have an associate degree can start working as a Mortician, however Bachelors degree would help advance career. A year to 3 years apprenticeship may be required to gain mastery of the art.

Morticians are required to pass the national licensing exam and in certain states also to pass a state licensing examination. You will have to start an apprenticeship program with an experienced or professional Mortician.

Mortician Salary

The median salary per annum is $50,000 and the top earners in this industry earn about $100,000. Considering the fact that Morticians do not require much educational qualification, however fresh hires can start with $21,000 and earn up to $60,000 over time.
Fresh Hires – $ 21,000
Experienced Hands – $50,000
Professionals – $ 70,000 to $100,000
Location matters when it comes to the earnings of the Mortician, pay disparity may occur depending on the country, be it Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.
Mortician Salary, Job Description and Education complete details for career advancement.

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