The average Meteorologist salary is $51,255 per annum or a median of $19/hr, most pay fall within the range of $31,342 – $102,653 or $9.36 – $40.78.  The salary increases with experience and seniority on the job, most meteorologist have report high job satisfaction. Looking at the profession it is one that requires passion for science, earth and humanity.
A meteorologist is a scientist that makes observations and predictions about the weather, they are usually found in the agricultural field, military, airports, space agency and weather related institutions. Most people see the weather man on TV, or have weather app on the mobile device. Information released to the public are processed and collated by the meteorologist.
Meteorologist save the country a lot of money and from huge loses, by providing data that may avert incidences. They collect their data from satellite images, weather balloons, weather stations across the globe, local weather watchers and others.

Meteorologist Salary

The meteorologist salary is between $31,342 – $102,653 or $9.36 – $40.78, they mainly work in weather stations and agencies. The weather man on TV is just one among the several scientist reading and analyzing the weather movement and pattern.
The level of job satisfaction is high among meteorologist, they are also responsible for saving the country from loses as a result of wild-fire, hurricanes, earthquakes, flooding, drought and weather conditions that may adversely affect people.
They are mostly employed by the Government in various weather units of the airport, NASA, Military, weather stations and other outpost to mention a few.
The past data gathered from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), says meteorologists and those who can interpret atmospheric data earned an average annual salary of $88,140 in 2013. The BLS also notes that the highest paying meteorological scientists worked in computer systems design and earned $107,590 per year. Broadcast meteorologists earned around $83,990 in 2013, and made up about 7% of the meteorology workforce.
However recent data show that meteorologist salary average is $51,255 per annum or a median of $19/hr, for the majority of the meteorology workforce.

Meteorology Job Description

The job description of a meteorologist is basically related to the science of weather reading, forecast and analysis. They work with other weather stations and weather readers to collate information. Their duties is dependent on the sub industry they work in.
Meteorologist can do the following basic task:

  • Create graphics and visualizations to explain weather patterns.
  • Analyze weather data and produce reports and interpretations.
  • Describe, explain, and predict weather patterns to a variety of public audiences.
  • Identify weather data sources, collect data, merge, and clean data.

meteorologist salary

Meteorologist salary

However they also do the following based on their industry.

  • The meteorologist study and report on ways to reduce air pollution, and contribute to the study of global warming and ozone depletion
  • They study the physical and chemical properties of the atmosphere, and the transmission of sounds, light and radio waves through the air
  • They research and report on storms of the past
  • They look at long term weather data and patterns from hundreds to millions of years ago in order to help predict future climate trends
  • They study the atmosphere’s motions and physical characteristics and how they could, or do affect the environment. They also apply their research to forestry, agriculture, global warming trends and air pollution control.
  • They study wind direction, wind speed, temperature, humidity and air pressure
  • They interpret and report the weather and weather conditions for television and radio
  • They investigate claims for insurance companies, and will research weather or past weather for a court of law

Meteorologist Training and Schools

To became a meteorologist you must have received the right training and qualifications to work in this field. It is a job that requires passion, that is why most meteorologist are satisfied on the job.
The path to becoming a meteorologist is by obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in meteorology, you can further you studies by advancing to the Master degree and PhD.  You must be a science inclined student before you can study meteorology, additionally you must be good in Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Geography and other Subjects relevant to the field.
Most experts in the field are PhD holders, you can search for schools using the school search box by the side or below. The more experience, skills and credentials you have the more the pay.

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