Labor and Delivery Nurse Salary in the United States are in the range of $44,942 – $84,907. The hourly national wage data is between $22.27 – $39.50, with an average of $28.63 per hour. The nurses have a high satisfaction level and the joy and experience of new birth make the work enjoyable.
Some labor and delivery nurse are women, they work overtime and shifts, which in turn leads to more pay. They enjoy benefits such as medical coverage and insurance. Factors like geographical location, employer policy, experience and educational qualification also affect the labor and delivery nurse salary.

Labor and Delivery Nurse Salary

Labor and Delivery Nurse Salary

Who is a labor and delivery nurse?
Labor and delivery nurses care for women and their infants during labor and childbirth. They are responsible for assisting, supporting and educating women during the four stages of delivery: antepartum, intrapartum, postpartum and neonatal.

Labor and Delivery Nurse Salary

The labor and delivery nurse salary are one of the best in the nursing field, the range of the salary is $44,942 – $84,907. The professional nurses work hard and bring joy to many families through their work. They work multiple shifts and overtime to make up for more income.
However, the career path is promising and juicy, even with an hourly wage of $22.27 – $39.50. The nursing profession salary is affected by the level of educational qualification and training, employer contract, location, years of experience and work performance, skills, and reputation.
Some employers of labor and delivery nurse offer free housing or a housing stipend, expense reimbursement, bonus opportunities, free liability insurance, and health and dental insurance.

Labor And Delivery Nurse Job Description

The job of the labor and delivery nurse revolves around maternity activities, childbirth, delivery, education and post pregnancy care of the mother and child.
They give relevant information to women in labor, support doctors, check for unusual signs during labor and after pregnancy.
Transcribe and carry out physician’s orders and provide medical support and education to mothers and their families after delivery.
Assist the physician with administering epidural, pain medication and preparing patients for caesarean delivery.
Examine patients to check and assess real or potential health problems during labor and delivery.
Improve care by contributing to a nurturing environment for patients and maintaining knowledge of advances in nursing care.
The labor and delivery nurse work in hospitals, clinics, maternity and birthing centers and physicians offices. It is a growing profession, and demand also increases as the birth rate increases.

Labor And Delivery Nurse Training and Education

The labor and delivery nurse is a trained registered nurse who is licensed to practice and has experience. To became a labor and delivery, you must have received primary training and education. You can start with a diploma, associate degree or bachelor’s degree in nursing.
To work after a bachelor’s degree, you need to pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN). An Inpatient Obstetric Nursing (RNC-OB) credential is an advantage if you pass the National Certification Corporation exam.
An associate degree in nursing will take 2-3 years to complete, and you can go ahead to have a bachelor’s degree for another 1-2 year. Gaining admission for a bachelor’s degree in nursing will take four years to complete, a postgraduate degree in nursing will push you up the career ladder faster.
A master degree in nursing, and possibly a doctorate in nursing will help you get to become a labor and delivery nurse faster. It is important you are registered and licensed to practice in the state where you intend to work.

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