Intensive Care Unit – ICU Nurse Salary is between $46,417 – $91,587 in the United States according to recent Payscale data. The available hourly salary data is between the range of $22.12 – $41.05 per hour. The salary includes benefits, overtime, and bonuses.
The factors that affect how much an intensive care unit salary are experience, skills, geographical location, employer contract, and educational qualification. The average wage for a Nurse, Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is $28.99 per hour.
There is a pediatric specialty within the Intensive care unit earns more salary than the regular ICU nurses.  So is the Neonatal and Open Heart Intensive care unit nurse.
icu nurse salary
Who is an Intensive Care Unit Nurse – ICU Nurse?
They are nurses who provide care to those who are in a critical state, often life-threatening situation. This may be accident victims, traumatized patients, heart and breathing issues, and newborn care.
These nurses are specially trained and have advanced nursing skills to handle intensive care unit patients.

Intensive Care Unit Nurse – ICU Nurse Job Description

As the name suggest, the unit is designed to attend to the needs of patients with critical health issues and condition. Most times the issues are life threatening, the duration may be short or long depending on how critical the challenge is.
There are many roles for an Intensive care unit nurse; some this may be relevant to a sub-specialty or unit. You will find below the general responsibilities and duties of an intensive care unit nurse.

  • Assessing a patient’s condition and planning and implementing patient care plans
  • Treating wounds and providing advanced life support
  • Assisting physicians in performing procedures
  • Observing and recording patient vital signs
  • Ensuring that ventilator, monitors and other types of medical equipment function properly
  • Administering intravenous fluids and medications
  • Ordering diagnostic tests
  • Collaborating with fellow members of the critical care team
  • Responding to life-saving situations, using nursing standards and protocols for treatment
  • Acting as patient advocate
  • Providing education and support to patient families

Intensive Care Unit Nurse – ICU Nurse Education and Training

The profession is a specialized one, so is the training. To became an intensive care unit nurse, you must first be a registered nurse with experience. To became a registered nurse you must complete a four years bachelor’s degree program in nursing.
Other paths to a nursing degree include the diploma or associate degree. A national licensing examination for nurses must be passed; this is the NCLEX-RN. Other exams include the certification in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support and more.
Finally, this is important you need to sit for the Critical Care Registered Nurse certification examination, which is administered by the American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACCN).

Intensive Care Unit Nurse – ICU Nurse Salary

The salary of an intensive care unit nurse is one of the best because most ICU nurses are experienced and well-educated. The intensive care unit nurse salary is between $22.12 – $41.05 per hour, which is calculated at $46,417 – $91,587 annually.
Numerous factors affect the salary, which includes, location, education, skills, reputation and type of employer. The salary most times include the benefit, though they are perks associated with the job.

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