Trauma Nurse is by all means a specialist nurse and the trauma nurse salary is between $27.18 – $44.38 per hour, and an average of $65,000 per year for starters. Some earn more than $82,500 in a year, this depends largely on the state, region and locality.
There are other factors to consider when analyzing the trauma nurse salary, this includes experience, skills, type of employer, level of education and reputation. You also may earn a higher starting salary as a trauma nurse at a university or general medical and surgical hospital.
Who is a trauma nurse?
A trauma nurse works in the emergency room of a hospital and typically responds to the most critical and life-threatening cases.
The job is not for the lazy or faint hearted, you must be skilled, smart, and strong willed to work has a trauma nurse. You must be one who is optimistic, hardworking and physically fit. Qualifying for this position requires experience and educational training to handle cases related to trauma.
The number of trauma nurses are very small, as it is a very high skilled specialty. It involves life or death, margin of error cannot be tolerated due to the cost.

Trauma Nurse Salary

The salary of a trauma nurse is one of the highest because of the high proficiency qualification requirements, the starting salary is often around $65,000 per year but many have reported over  $82,500 in a year. The range of $27.18 – $44.38 per hour earnings and a tough schedule, especially for those working in a high crime zone.
trauma nurse salary

Trauma Nurse Job Description

The job of a trauma nurse is very stressful and requires great diligence and skills. This work is specialized, so is the task and responsibilities.
Some of the responsibilities of a trauma nurse are enormous  especially the responsibility in a high-stress environments and need to be of a very strong character. You will have to work long hours, possibly standing and while trying to calm the crises.
The trauma nurse is responsible for assessing and stabilizing patients with minimum information available. They handle medical emergencies with injuries caused by car accidents, drowning, poison, fire and natural incidents like an earthquake.
They are often the first to attend to a patient in the intensive care unit. They prepare and monitor equipment’s used in the intensive care unit.  A trauma nurse performs emergency medical procedures, such as IV insertion, intubation, administration of medicine or drugs, monitoring and drawing blood.
Preparing a patient for surgery or diagnostic testing is also part of their duties.

Trauma Nurse Training and Education

To become a trauma nurse you need to have the basic qualification of a registered nurse, and then obtain certifications and licenses to practice as a trauma nurse. They qualification acquired is determined by the path you wish to follow.
The most direct path is to earn a 4 year bachelor’s degree in nursing, you may however start with a certificate or diploma course. You can then progress to an associate degree and then bachelor’s degree. You have to pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN).
Work experience is also necessary in units like ICU before becoming a trauma nurse. Trauma nurses may take advanced coursework and pursue certification that demonstrates advanced knowledge in emergency nursing and triage.

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