Radiologist Assistant Salary earn a decent income which is around $80,000 and $118,000, and based on American Society for Radiologic Technologists data the average income of $100,004 for radiologist assistants, and a median income of $99,843. Radiologist assistants salary for those working in doctors’ offices earned an average of $96,578 per year.
Who is a Radiologist Assistant?
Radiologist assistants are experienced, registered radiographers who have obtained additional education and certification that qualifies them to serve as radiologist extenders. They work under the supervision of a radiologist to provide patient care in the diagnostic imaging environment. –  American Society of Radiologic Technologists
The average radiologist assistant salary may increase, considering the education level, experience, employer, skills and specialization.

Radiologist Assistant Salary

The salary of a radiologist assistant is basically determined by several factors which include experience and level of training. Some employee also pay more than other, while the state of practice and location can also influence the salary.
However the radiologist assistant salary is within the range of $80,000 and $118,000, this is the national figure in the United States. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, radiologist assistants in California, Colorado, Massachusetts, and Oregon earn the highest salaries.
However the cause for the increase in salary, can be attributed to the low number of radiologist assistants. And the high cost of education required to study as a radiologist assistant despite the good income.

Radiologist Assistant Job Descriptiom

The radiologist assistant work under the supervision of the radiologist and also learns a lot from the radiologist as well.
They perform certain radiological procedures, such as fluoroscopy, and they’ll be able to evaluate image quality and report their initial image observations to the supervising radiologist.
They have to provide patient care before and after an imaging procedure
Radiologist assistants perform both pre and post-procedure evaluations with the patient in order to alleviate the workload of the radiologist physician.
They do the following under the supervision of the watchful eyes of the radiologist.

  • X-ray diagnostics of the bones;
  • X-ray imaging of internal organs (Fluoroscopy);
  • MRI (magnetic resonance imaging).

The Radiologist assistants often work in specialized hospital departments, such as a cancer ward or diagnostic radiology.

Radiologist Assistant Training and Education

The radiologist assistant training is a very intensive one, it involves field and practical work. The professional requirement also changes due to advancement in technology and discovery.
In order to become a radiology assistant, you must first become a radiologic tech, for a certificate or associate’s degree programs in radiology technology. You need to earn a bachelor’s degree from an AART-approved radiologist assistant program in order to qualify for radiologist assistant certification.
Radiologist Assistant Salary
You may proceed to earn a masters degree and professional qualifications from professional bodies.
Professional bodies that regulate, train and provide certifications for radiologist assistants in the US are  American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT), the American College of Radiology and the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).
The associations and bodies are there to encourage radiologist assistants advance in their career, and increase the number of radiologist assistants. Radiologist assistants need to find out about state licensing before they practice in any state within the United States.
If you are considering this profession, the radiologist assistant salary is one of the most attractive within the healthcare assistants range.

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