The information about the patient care technician salary, job description and education will help aspiring practitioners and students know what it entails to became a patient care technician, this information is also useful for immigrants with professional experience.
The patient care technician works under the supervision of a registered nurse or a medical doctor, they help with the monitoring of patients, create a daily report, conduct test, collect samples and specimens. Patient care technicians also known as PCT, provides basic care and assistance to patients, monitoring and taking notes on each patient’s care.
A patient care technician does not need extensive education, and they can also work in diverse medical environment like a nursing home, maternity center, birthing centers, hospitals and doctors office. The patient care technician salary is low compared to other well-educated health practitioners in the allied services.

Patient Care Technician Salary

The patient care technician salary is between the $20,000 to $37,000, though it is quite low when compared to their counterparts in the health sector. However they can advance their career by seeking further education to improve their pay conditions.
The work requires working long hours while standing most of the time, this also include working on public holidays and weekends. However patient care technicians with more than a year experience can earn better than a green horn, the higher the experience the more the earning. However to start a career in the health sector a PCT role is a good place to start.
Based on a year work the patient care technician salary is about $10. – $14.25 per hour & $11,925 – $35,750; while the one with 1-4 years earns 12.20 – $14.85 per hour & $16,540 – $43,620 per annum; one with 5 to 9 years earns $15.05 – $18.70 per hour and $12,565 – $70,470 per annum; one with 10-19 years of experience receives $16.40 – $20.35 per hour and $20,005 – $38,580 per annum and the one with more than 20 years of work experience receives $18.95 – $22.60 per hour & $34,585 – $43,895 per year.

Patient Care Technician Job Description

Patient Care Technician Tasks

  • Prepare, update and disseminates unit reports, physician orders and patient records.
  • Provide basic therapeutic services under direction of nursing staff.
  • Provide basic patient care under direction of nursing staff.
  • Support the administrative and clinical operations of the practice.

patient care technician salary

Patient Care Technician Salary

Other roles include
1. Performs duties as assigned on the PCT Care Plan, prepared by a nurse.
2. Performs or assists the patient / client in completion of personal hygiene needs which include: bathing, skin care, grooming, dressing, oral hygiene and toileting needs.
3. Monitors vital signs as outlined in the PCT Care Plan and reports any deviation from normal values to a Nurse or designee on time.
4. Assists in maintenance of a healthful and safe environment.
5. Serve nutritious meals as prepared to patient/client as directed.
6. Assists the patient/client with ambulation/transfers as specified on the PCT Care Plan.
7. Performs or assists patients/client with certain treatments and/or medications which are self-administered, ordered by the physician, approved and supervised by a nurse, and allowed by state law.
8. May aid the paramedic staff with rehabilitative processes as directed. Attempts to promote the patient /clients mental alertness through involvement in activities. Observes and reports any changes in the patient/client’s physical, mental, or emotional condition or home situation to a Nurse or designee on time.
9. Participates in mandatory in-service education programs as required by the agency.
10. Participates in patient/client care conferences requested.
11. Completes required documentation and submits it to the agency in a timely manner.
12. Performs other duties as assigned by supervisor or designee.
Other aspects and demands of the job not listed above:
• Assisting clients in transferring/ambulation
• Push-pull clients in wheelchair
• Turning/positioning bed bound clients
The major role of a patient care technician is to assist doctors, nurses and the patients.

Patient Care Technician Education and Training

To work as a patient care technician you would be required to have a minimum of  a high school diploma or GED, however to get properly trained you have to enroll in a community or technical college. The duration is usually less than a year and a certificate is issued to confirm completion of training.

Basic requirement to get a job include:

 Submission of criminal background checks, applicants must show proof of immunizations, physical examinations and drug screenings.

The training involves clinical rotation, written and practical skills examinations. However each states have their training requirements, and a license might be required before you can practice. The National Healthcare Association is the licensing body for the patient care technician.
In summary, you need a high school diploma or GED, then proceed to get training as a Patient care technician, once you get a job and start work. Most employers subject patient care technicians to further training on the job.
Other skills required include:
1. Good oral and written communications
2. Good organizational skills
Patient Care Technician Salary, Job Description and Education details for people with little qualification willing to work in the allied health care sector.

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