Operating Room – OR Nurse Salary in the United States is between $47,735 – $90,672 annually, and $22.83 – $41.20 hourly. Also called a scrub nurse, they help surgeons in the theater. This is a specialized field due to the delicate nature of the responsibility.
The Operating room nurse also known as Scrub Nurse or OR nurse salary is placed at an average of $30.34 per hour. Just out of school you may earn the minimum due to inexperience, better pay comes with experience.
However your geographical location will affect the starting salary and how much you are offered, other factors include experience, the level of education, skills and employer policy. Benefits and perks are also associated with the salary of a OR nurse.
Or Nurse Salary
Who is an Operating room nurse?

A scrub nurse prepares the operating area by laying out the necessary instruments and equipment. Before each procedure, nurses “scrub in” by thoroughly disinfecting their hands and arms and then putting on sterile clothing. Under the direction of the surgeon, scrub nurses handle instruments, help with procedures, and watch the patient throughout the operation. – Innerbody.

Operating Room – OR Nurse Salary

The operating room nurse or Or nurse salary is between $47,735 – $90,672 annually, and $22.83 – $41.20 hourly. This is based on the data collected from PayScale, the average salary per hour is put at $30.34 per hour.

Operating Room – OR Nurse Job Description

The operating room nurse has many names they are known by; they are Scrub nurses, operating room (OR) or perioperative nurses. They work closely with surgeons and ensure they prepare the theater before surgery. Assist the surgeons with instruments and equipment handling.
They work mostly under the direction of the surgeon, skills such as attentiveness, firm, timeliness, are needed. They need to learn to stand long hours and work under pressure.

  • Supervise surgical technologists and medical assistants during surgeries.
  • Provide education to patients and their families about the recovery process.
  • Monitor patients for signs of complications during and after operating procedures.
  • Track patients’ vital signs during operations.
  • A scrub nurse is sterile and is responsible for choosing and handling instruments and supplies used during surgery. Duties include setting up a sterile area in preparation for surgery, helping the surgical team with gowns and gloves, and handing instruments to the surgeon.

Operating Room – OR Nurse Training and Education

To practice, as an OR nurse, you must be a registered nurse, that is be licensed to practice. Nurses with experience may have an edge over inexperienced nurses. You need to pass all the necessary certification to practice as an OR nurse.
To practice you need a state license to practice in the state you wish to work. The best choices for nursing schools are those programs approved by each state’s Board of Nursing and accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN).

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