The average Obstetrician Salary is $202,687 in the United States, the average pay per hour is $43 according to the latest data. Obstetrician Salary range is between $87,875 – $290,580, where the starting salary may be low, with experience and more qualification the pay, rises fast.
The obstetrician may work in private office or hospitals facility, their patients been women does not make it a wholly women field. The obstetrician is among the top 15 highest paid physicians in the United States. Though men earn the highest in the field, the women are more satisfied with their pay.
Geographical location, experience, educational qualification and skills affect the salary of an obstetrician. With the Northwest and Northcentral of the United States having the highest average salary per annum. They are quite some of self-employed obstetrician.
Obstetrician Salary
Self employed obstetrician earn slightly more than the employed obstetrician working in a clinic, maternity or hospital. In the United States, women use doctors with private practice more than the hospital-based obstetrician.

Obstetrician Salary

The salary of an obstetrician is between the range of $87,875 – $290,580, while the hourly wage is around $15.15 – $121.64. The pay may vary from one geographical region to another, to gain an added advantage educational qualification, training and experience will greatly help.
The salary includes perks, benefits, insurance coverage, paid vacation, subsidy, and bonuses. Obstetricians start working for hospitals, clinics, and maternity centers. With more experience, they opt out to start their private practice.

Obstetrician Job Description

The responsibilities of an obstetrician are quite enormous, it is also a thing of joy, especially if it involves newborn.
The primary focus of obstetricians and gynecologists is women’s health. They provide prenatal, natal and postpartum care, treat conditions affecting the female reproductive system, and in some cases may provide general health care for women.
The Obstetrician focuses on not only illness, but also health promotion, and provides patient education on weight loss, diet, exercise, personal hygiene and preventive care for diseases and cancer.
They may perform surgeries such as cesarean sections, conduct examinations, and order laboratory tests and diagnostic imaging as needed.

  • Counsel patients on diet, hygiene, and preventive care.
  • Examine patients and their medical histories.
  • Diagnose illness and prescribe treatment for women in the realm of pregnancy, reproductive systems, and general care.
  • Offer childbirth, prenatal, natal, and postpartum care of mothers and fetuses.

Obstetrician Training and Education

The training of an obstetrician starts with a four-year bachelor’s degree, followed by another four years in a medical school. Passing Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is a necessary for admission into the medical college. The next step is to go for a residency program in approved hospitals and centers.
To practice a license is needed in all the States in the US. Additional certifications and training are required to make progress in this field. You can aspire to be a fellow in the field of obstetrics. The certification body is the  American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology.
The obstetrician salary is good, and they get benefits such as social security, 401K contributions, pensions, bonuses, and paid time off.

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  1. I think it is nice to know the back ground of what a obstetrician has to do to become one. I would like to know what kind of education they have. This helps be understand a lot of their qualifications.


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