Dermatologist salary is one of the best in the Medical field, the Dermatologist is on the top 10 earners in the physician compensation chart for the last 5 years. The average earning per annum is between $56,972 – $315,780, while the lower range is for fresh out of medical college dermatologist, and the mid earners are mostly junior dermatologist.
Gender has continued to play a role in determining the earning of a dermatologist, female dermatologist earn lower salaries when compared to their male counterparts. Though there is a gap between the male and female dermatologist salary, the female has over 60% satisfaction with their income.
The highest dermatologist salary earners are mostly in the Southwest of the US, followed by the NorthWest and the West.

What is a Dermatologist

Dermatologist are specialist doctors who treat and care for skin diseases and infection, this may include mouth, hair and nail. The American Academy of Dermatology is the body the regulates and board certifies professional dermatologist.

Dermatologist Salary

The dermatologist salary is between $56,972 – $315,780, with most self-employed dermatologist earning above $300,000 annually, the practitioners have a high satisfaction rate with their profession, job and salary. Though there is a difference in pay between the female and male dermatologist the salary is one of the highest.
Most dermatologist spend between  40 hours on average every week seeing their patient, the starting salary per hour is $27 with an average of over $50/week. The level of training, employer, geographical location, gender are among the factors that affect the dermatologist salary.
Dermatologist salary
Dermatologist Schools and Training
To became a dermatologist you must have completed a 4 year bachelors degree program in a science field or must have done physics, chemistry and biology in your undergraduate course. Then you will sit for the MCAT exam to gain admission into the Medical school.
The Medical school run a 4 year program with the first two focused on general medicine and the last two specialty and clinical. Upon graduation you can start residency program and enroll with the The American Academy of Dermatology to become board certified and pursue a fellowship program.
A full training will take up to 13 years to complete, there are areas of specialty within dermatology. This may be in pediatrics, veterinary, cosmetic, skin cancer, mouth, skin, hair and nails.

Dermatologist Job Description

A dermatologist treats and cares for skin diseases, infection and repair. Dermatologists often treat patients by examining the affected topical areas of the skin; these examinations may need the doctor to gently remove small surface layers of skin for further examination.
The dermatologist may recommend or prescribe topical medication to help ease discomfort and restore the skin; in some cases, it may be necessary to prescribe antibiotics to deal with possible infections.
The cosmetic problems for which dermatologists can give assistance include wrinkles, age spots and other signs of aging, hair loss, and scars.
Dermatologists also take samples and do biopsies of moles, surface cysts and other skin anomalies to check for cancer in patients. If a serious condition is discovered, the doctor recommends and performs treatments such as surgical removals of affected areas, radiation treatment or chemotherapy.
In these situations, typically the dermatologist consults with an oncologist and conducts further testing to decide if any cancers have spread.
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