Coroner salary vary by state, the scope of work and the location of school for training are also different. A coroner is a specialized profession, they are responsible for the dead bodies that come into the morgue. If the death seems suspicious, they begin an investigation into the cause of death. Similar to the CSI stuff you see on TV.
Annual Coroner salary is between $22,127 – $98,581, this highly depend on the employer and other factors which will be discussed as you read further.

Who is a Coroner

A coroner is an investigator, who examines a deceased cause of death,  who the deceased was and how, when and where they came by their death. They are usually consulted when the cause of death is unknown, they give testimonies and report if required in law courts.

Coroner salary

CSI: Coroner

Coroner Salary

A coroner salary is on average between $22,127 – $98,581, this depends on the place, state, employer, skill, education level, experience and other factors that may affect the pay.
Usually a coroner may work long hours and this may contribute to the amount earned as salary, in some areas within the US. Coroner salaries are set with a specific range, while coroners with private practice might earn lower that their counterparts in paid employment or public sector.
In most states the coroner is usually appointed into position by the county, Coroners are strictly regulated, and may only work within his/her defined jurisdiction.

Coroner Job Description

The tasks of a coroner may be fairly broad, as they may include:

  • Initiating investigations at crime scenes to determine cause of death
  • Overseeing the collection of physical, scientific and pathological evidence
  • Receiving and studying death reports from physicians and law enforcement agencies
  • Requesting and studying the medical histories of the deceased to aid in the cause and manner of death
  • Conferring with public health and law enforcement agencies
  • Conducting preliminary examinations to find signs of trauma and find characteristics that would show the time of death
  • Establishing the identities of deceased persons
  • Completing death certificates, which include the cause and manner of death
  • Observing and recording bodies and related evidence
  • Interviewing witnesses who were present at the time of death
  • Arranging for the notification of the next of kin of the deceased
  • Ordering autopsies and directing the activities of all crime scene and forensic professionals performing pathological testing on the deceased
  • Completing reports required to perform investigations or finalize cases
  • Testifying in court
  • Supervising deputy coroners and administrative personnel within the coroner’s office

Coroner Schools and Training

To became a coroner you must be a licensed doctor, that is you must have completed a 4 year bachelors degree program in science based course. Qualify and Pass the Medical School Admission Exam, complete a 4 years medical school program and proceed for another 4 years of residency in forensic pathology.
Upon completion you can join a fellowship program to train under a medical examiner, which is about a year. A membership of the American Board of Pathology is essential and required to fully practice as a coroner.
At this point you can start your coroner training program, the coroner is expected to constantly update their Death Investigators Certification to keep up with changes in law, legislation and industry updates.
However physicians in other areas may earn more than a coroner, the coroner salary is not that high.

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