Child Psychologist Salary is between $37,004 – $120,206  per annum, the amount is influenced by the nature of the job description, location and training. The hourly rate for this profession is within the range of $14.95 – $120.40, and it growing rapidly.
It is best you have a doctorate in this profession to be among the top earners, place of work include, hospitals, schools, research centers, offices, daycare, government agencies and juvenile homes. The child psychologist focuses more on the children who are victims of abuse, suffer from learning disabilities or have behavioral issues.
Child psychologists aid in evaluating the condition of children by collecting clinical data and are often employed along with social workers and work with children with psychological and developmental problems.

Child Psychologist Salary

Child Psychologist Salary is a very competitive one, and most practitioners hold a doctorate, the salary of a child psychologist range between $37,004 – $120,206, and an hour rate range of $14.95 – $120.40. Factors that affect the way they are paid include place, age, employer, experience, skills and reputation.
The child psychologist is among the highest salaries that can be found in this field compared with those who work in clinics or schools and will receive an income of about $66,812 per year or even lower.

Child Psychologist Job Description

The child psychologist more often work with children with special need and sometimes children that are abused or violent. Children with emotional and social issues are helped by child psychologist to overcome their current state, the effect of their intervention help with learning and conduct socially.
Child Psychologist Salary
It is common to find child psychologist teaching, writing books, conducting seminars and training. With a lot of issues in the home and society, children deal with variety of emotional trouble such as divorce, peer influence and more.
Some of the things that a child psychologist does include the following:
Child psychologists are trained professionals who help children understand their emotions and experiences to develop treatment plans and ways of coping with their illness.

Child Psychologist Training and School

To practice as a child psychologist you have to earn a bachelor’s degree in psychology, this usually take a period of 4 years and another 18 months to 2 years for a master’s degree in child psychology and may go ahead to have a doctorate which may be between 4 – 6 years.
The doctorate is required by some state before child psychologist can practice, must importantly the skills is developed with practice. They must have love for children, and be ready to spend quality time with a child, before, during and after treatment. The child psychologist work with children younger than 17 years while also providing help to care givers, guardians and parents.
To sit for the  American Board of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology’s Board Examination, you must hold a doctorate. Must be licensed in their jurisdiction of practice, complete a one or two-year internship and a minimum of two years of post-internship experience.
There are a number of schools online and campus based that offer child psychology as a course, you can check for schools using the school search box beside or below. The child psychologist salary is one of the best in this field.

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