Bioinformatics salary in the United States earn a median hourly wage of $35.92. Hourly wages typically start from $20.42 and go up to $55.42Bioinformatics Scientist Salary is estimated to be between $42,480 – $115,250. What a Bioinformatics Salary earn in most area is dependent on variety of factors such as employer, skills, credentials, years of service and location.
According to the BLS, the average annual salary for biological scientists, which includes bioinformatics analysts, was $72,720 in May 2013. The top-paying field for this occupation was medical equipment and supplies manufacturing, with a median salary of $102,430 in 2013. The Bioinformatics salary comparison based on job title, skills, experience and education. Accurate, reliable salary and compensation

Bioinformatics Salary

The bioinformatics salary is one that is subject to experience, skills, credential and location. The estimate is between $42,480 – $115,250, while the low end earners are starters in the industry, with more experience and skills bioinformatics earn up to a $100,000.
Bioinformatics should be prepared to do the job for the love of it and not on the salary, there bioinformatics salary satisfaction rate is quite poor. Considering that most of them work for other scientist, their input is very well appreciated.
Hourly wages typically start from $20.42 and go up to $55.42., with most experienced bioinformatics earning about $74,000 per annum. They work for about 40 hours on a weekly basis according to data from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Bioinformatics Job Description

To understand Bioinformatics job description, you need to know what a bioinformatics scientist does.

A bioinformatics scientist is someone who applies information technology and computer science into the area of biology. This is done for studying, analyzing, and processing genomic information as well as other forms of biological information. These scientists use the theory of bioinformatics to research and generate previously unknown knowledge about various biological informational topics as well as develop the computational means to get that knowledge.
Biological procedures have become so complex that the collection, storage, and management of biological data has become paramount to understanding those complexities. Scientists in the bioinformatics field and the work they do are extremely crucial if the world is going to advance its knowledge of the biological sciences.

With vast knowledge of computer service and how to analyse data, the following task is rendered by bioinformatics.

  • Designing and manipulating complex databases
  • Creating web-based analytical tools and algorithms
  • Developing new software for project and research needs
Bioinformatics Salary

Bioinformatics Salary

Bioinformatics Schools and Education

Most bioinformatics start their education with a computer science or biology degree, this usually takes around 4 years to complete and a Master of Science or a Ph.D. in Bioinformatics or Computational Biology, degrees. It is advised you take up a part-time job before leaving or school to gain experience, most employers are looking for bioinformatics with experience.
Volunteering in a school environment will help, with relevant work experience needed to get a job quick. Bioinformatics spend a lot of time doing research and analysis it.
To get a good bioinformatics salary, you need to get the right job and the right training to qualify. Most important is your experience on the job.

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